coroutine loop.start_tls(transport, protocol, sslcontext, *, server_side=False, server_hostname=None, ssl_handshake_timeout=None)

Upgrade an existing transport-based connection to TLS.

Return a new transport instance, that the protocol must start using immediately after the await. The transport instance passed to the start_tls method should never be used again.


  • transport and protocol instances that methods like create_server() and create_connection() return.

  • sslcontext: a configured instance of SSLContext.

  • server_side pass True when a server-side connection is being upgraded (like the one created by create_server()).

  • server_hostname: sets or overrides the host name that the target server’s certificate will be matched against.

  • ssl_handshake_timeout is (for a TLS connection) the time in seconds to wait for the TLS handshake to complete before aborting the connection. 60.0 seconds if None (default).

New in version 3.7.

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